Kevin S. Moore

I'm a guy in Lexington, KY trying to go from zero to web development hero in 12 weeks! This page is intended to show you a little of who I am and what I can do. I'll also occasionally post blog entries here discussing programming, but other topics may include donuts, hip hop, the NBA, and video games.

About Me

I usually don't indulge in self description, so bear with me here for a little. I am a Junior Web Developer in training, but that is only the latest in a long line of hats I've worn in my short 24 years. I've been a specialty donut engineer (that's a real title don't question it), a coffeeshop manager, a graphic designer, a summer camp director, a minor league baseball cheerleader and a mobile bartender. And those are just the jobs I've been paid for. If you're interested, you can grab a copy of my resume here.

I am a native of Lexington, KY where I graduated from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and eventually Transylvania University with a degree in Religious Studies. Naturally, the next step was to spend 2 years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Out of a desire for sustainable professional relevency and an inherent interest in the way people interact with technology, I settled on Web Development.

I intended to enroll in a computer science program at a large university, but on the recommendation of a friend, I looked into Awesome Inc's Web Developer Bootcamp. The premise of the program was ambitious, to take the programming illiterate and turn them into job ready, full stack Web Developers in just 12 weeks. Compared to the (at least) 3 years it would take to earn a degree in Computer Science, the promise of a 12 week program was too good to pass up. So, here I am! You can find examples of my work from the bootcamp under the Portfolio tab, and the blog tab contains responses to bootcamp prompts as well as other ramblings of my own. Thanks for stopping by!

Past Projects


Description: A travel optimization resource powered by the Yelp Fusion API, where users can create profiles and plan vacations based on personal taste.

Technologies: Laravel and vanilla PHP provide the framework for the application. The database was constructed with PostgreSQL. JQuery and AJAX are used in form submission to provide a smoother user experience. HTML, CSS and Bootstrap provide the styling, and Heroku is used to host the finished app.

Simon Says

Description: A clone of the classic Simon Says games. The board will display a series of colors, and the user repeats the colors back in the proper sequence.

Technologies: HTML and CSS are used to compose the basic page. Vue is implemented for the board functionality. Heroku is used to host the finished app.

Clock & Timer

Description: A utility for keeping time and programming a timer. The app also generates a new quote of the day everyday.

Technologies: HTML is used to generate page elements, with Bootstrap used for layout and styling. CSS is used primarily for the analog clock animation and some styling adjustments. Javascript is used to program clocks and the timer, with local storage being used to remember user submitted timers and an API Request being made for the quote of the day. Heroku is used to host the finished app.


Description: A mock restaurant webpage created in a day as a project for Web Developer Bootcamp.

Technologies: HTML is used to generate the basic page elements with Bootstrap maintaining the page layout and style. Javascript is used primarily to generate the daily menu through an API Request. Heroku is used to host the finished app.

JavaScript Weather

Description: A dynamic weather application that provides current weather information and changes background image depending on current condition.

Technologies: HTML is used to generate the basic page elements with Bootstrap determining the simple page. Javascript to fetch weather information through an API Request and to change the background image based on response. Heroku is used to host the finished app.